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7 Positive Affirmations for Bloggers

Affirmations come in many forms, both internal and external.  Sometimes you have a positive interaction with someone and it reminds you that you are a friendly person and people like to be around you.  Sometimes you see something that you take as a sign that you're on the right path and the Universe is looking out for you.  Sometimes you simply tell yourself something that positively affirms what you're doing or thinking.  I would argue that positive self-affirmations are the BEST form of affirmation because they don't rely on anyone else, you have control over them, and you can use them at any time and in any situation.

I would say that this quote pretty much covers why we should use affirmations:

Like a magnet, we attract certain energies.  Unlike a magnet, we're attracting the same energies that we put out there.  It's kind of like dressing for the job that you want, not the job you have.  You send out positivity and, in turn, you receive positivity.  Psychologists call this the self-fulfilling prophecy.  Spiritualists call it the Law of Attraction.  Googling either of these topics will tell you more about them and you can form your own opinion of them.


I would bet that most of us have heard that 7 is a lucky number.  Numerology teaches us that 7 is not only lucky, but also a number of knowledge, intuition, focus, analytics, perseverance, and introspection.  I'm sure you totally understand why all of these traits are important for bloggers.  Knowledge of what we're writing about makes us credible bloggers, which attracts our audience.  Analytics go hand-in-hand with knowledge because we need to know how we're doing.  Of course, we have to focus on our goals and objectives to have a successful blog, and there are days that we have to persevere because they're more challenging than other days.  Intuition is that inner voice you hear telling you that yes, your blog post is a good idea.  Yes, you need to share your story or tutorial or photo.  Introspection is what happens when we ask ourselves if we're happy with what we're doing and how we can grow.  It's reflecting on our selves and our desires.  It's the driving force behind our creative endeavors.  So there are several reasons that I chose 7.  Plus, we could all use a little luck.

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