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These 5 Phrases Will Change Your Money Mindset

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Until very recently, I saw money as a very limiting, necessary evil in my life.  All I knew was that I didn't have enough and I could never keep it in my wallet.  My money was gone before it hit my bank account, but I couldn't tell you where it went.  When I read UNLEASH YOUR INNER MONEY BABE, and manifested $1,000 in just 3 days, I finally learned that money is energy.  Energy is attracted to you by the law of attraction and manifestation, which means you can manifest this energy through the simple principle that "like attracts like."  When you receive this energy by having positive thoughts that confirm your abundance, you have to be appreciative and purposeful.

Here are several simple phrases or keywords that you can change to help you improve your relationship with money:

I've always felt restricted by this word.  It was a piece of paper that told me what I can and cannot do with the money that I earned.  When I wrote "Money Purpose" instead of "Budget," I felt like I was in control with my money.  I wasn't limiting myself.  I was directing my money to the areas that needed it most.  When I gave my money purpose instead of limiting my money, it was a much more pleasant way of assigning uses for my money.

I've never liked the word cheap.  Cheap seems to suggest that the price is lower because the quality is lower.  Even if that isn't true, that's how I feel about it.  When I say something is affordable, though, I feel like I'm actually paying a low price without sacrificing quality.  Saying that something I bought was "cheap" makes me feel as if I'm directing my money/energy towards things that are lower quality while saying that I bought something that was "affordable" makes me feel as if I was really getting a lot of value for the energy that I spent.

Another word that makes me feel restricted and unable to control my situation is "bills."  I basically looked at bills as some company just taking my money from me.  I never really thought of it as an exchange, even though that's really what any spending is.  I'm sending my money to a company that's providing me with a good, service, or resource.  Considering how much I love using my laptop, you'd think I'd be more appreciative and thankful for the electric company and internet provider bills.  Having clean drinking water isn't so bad, either.

This is a new one that I'm trying.  Instead of looking at the price tag and saying, "OH SHIT, I can't afford that," I'll say, "Well, I'm actually directing my money towards that new blog layout."  Again, this phrase puts you in control.  This is a pretty positive, yet realistic way to describe your financial situation, which is something that the law of attraction LOVES.

If money is energy, and energy is renewable - which it is - you aren't broke.  It's kind of like when your phone dies because it was permanently water-damaged versus when it shuts down because it needs to be charged.  Sure, you have to wait a little while for your phone to turn back on so you can use it, but the situation isn't completely hopeless.  Broke sounds like you can't do anything to fix your current situation.  Having more on the way implies that your money is just a little low and will be back soon.

If you want more inspiration for changing your money mindset and attracting more abundance into your life, I highly recommend UNLEASH YOUR INNER MONEY BABE.  It has worked for so many women, myself included!  I actually plan on rereading it soon because it's just that good.

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