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Simple Fourth of July Decor

Where's the face-palm emoji when you need it?  I was so excited to blog about my Independence Day decor and even had just a little blurb written out beforehand, but I totally forgot to schedule the post.  Anyways, I decided that I would go ahead and post anyways.  The decor wasn't super fancy and I didn't have a ton written, but I still wanted to share because this is the first holiday that we celebrated in OUR house!  So here's my super late Fourth of July post.

Happy Fourth of July!  I'm sure all of you are enjoying the fireworks, picnics, and day off.  I just wanted to share some of our simple Fourth of July decor with y'all.  We didn't have a lot of extra time and energy to put towards decorating because of the move, but I did just a little bit.  Michael's and Target always have the cutest decor and it was all so affordable!  I actually didn't plan on decorating the house for the Fourth until I saw this cute fireworks sign at Michael's.  Adding these cute patriotic touches to our simple home decor makes me even more excited for some of the bigger holidays, like Halloween and Christmas (aka my favorite holidays and the best holidays to decorate for).  Do you decorate for the holidays? If so, which is your favorite to decorate for?

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