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Benefits of Drinking Tea + My Daily Tea Schedule

Every time I see my psychiatrist or my primary care provider, they tell me to stop drinking so much caffeine.  I'm a little sensitive to it and I probably drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day, but it was negatively affecting my sleep, my anxiety, and even my concentration.  Having jittery energy is not better than having low energy.  I finally gave in and now I'm drinking maybe 4-5 cups of coffee a week and 2-4 teas per day.  I will still chug Starbucks on particularly exhausting days, though!  These aren't the only benefits of drinking tea and they aren't benefits that are only experienced by me.  There has been plenty of research and studies done about the health benefits of tea.  You're bound to find the right tea for you.  I've linked the teas that I mention in my post.  It's part of an affiliate ad for Amazon, which means I do receive a small profit if you purchase through my Amazon affiliate link, at no additional cost to you!  Affiliates help support this blog and my infatuation with tea.

  • Drinking 4 cups of tea help keep your stress hormones in check, which means your skin and bloating also stay in check.
  • Green tea prevents high cholesterol.  They recommend 5 cups a day!
  • Oh, those antioxidants!  They're present in almost all teas and they prevent things like blindness.
  • Tea is an anti-inflammatory drink.  Inflammation is linked to SO many illnesses and diseases, from arthritis to depression to the common cold.
  • It's good for your heart and brain!  It's been linked to reduced risk of stroke, dementia, and cardiovascular disease.  It's also been linked to higher levels of focus, attention, and concentration.
  • It also helps protect against diseases commonly associated with aging, like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
  • Less caffeine means less jitteriness and possibility of sleep problems.
  • It's hydrating and if you don't add anything to it, it's usually calorie free!
  • Drinking tea may help prevent a variety of cancers.
  • Green tea can actually act as protection against UV rays!
  • There are a wide variety of teas and flavors, which means there are also a wide variety of benefits.

AM: Good morning, sunshine!  When you wake up and you need a caffeine boost to get you going, try drinking Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy.  It has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.  I like to add just a splash of vanilla coffee creamer to this drink.

Lunch: Green tea is my go-to tea to drink with lunch.  There are plenty of bottled options, but they aren't as healthy for you.  If you just need something convenient, they're a good option and definitely better than soda.  I like to cold-brew green tea overnight.  Just pop your tea bag in cold water and put it in the fridge before you go to sleep.  By lunch, you'll have a great cup of tea.  I like to add peach syrup to my green tea for an even sweeter summer drink.  I love the Heath and Heather Green Teas.  They have a TON of flavors!

Afternoon: I generally need an afternoon pick-me-up at about 2-3pm.  I like to drink Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea with a little bit of vanilla creamer.  It has about a third of the caffeine as a typical cup of coffee.  If you're sensitive to caffeine, this may not be a great option for you since it could interfere with your sleep.  But it's so tasty!

PM: I'm a huge fan of the calming properties of chamomile and lavender, so that's the tea that I dirnk before bed!  Depending on how I'm feeling, I may add a splash of vanilla creamer to this tea as well.  I know that the creamer is definitely taking away from the health benefits of tea in some senses (it isn't zero calorie anymore), but it adds just enough flavor and coziness to keep me drinking it.  Unfortunately, the tea that I love isn't available on Amazon, but I linked another brand that I absolutely love, called Traditional Medicinals.

Don't forget that I linked all of these teas at the bottom of my post so you can easily find them on Amazon and order them straight to your door!  Or if you love the feeling of staring at a shelf full of tea flavors, like I do, get out and go stare!  Maybe even pick up a new tea cup while you're out.

This is a list of where I got my information about the benefits of drinking tea.  I decided to link them so you could see that I didn't just pull them out of thin air and so you have a starting point if you want to research the benefits for yourself.
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