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PoshVoxBox Review of Over $200 of Free Products + How You Can Get Your VoxBox

I received all of these products from INFLUENSTER for free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any other way.  If you're not familiar with Influenster, it's a website for consumer reviews and product discovery.  They send out TONS of boxes with free products and they also offer a lot of virtual boxes that contain coupons.  They also hold a lot of contests so you can win even more free products!  I've been an INFLUENSTER member for years and about a year ago I started receiving luxury voxboxes with products from companies like  Estee Lauder, Bite Beauty, and Marc Jacobs.  Of course, I've also received boxes with products from companies like ecotools and L'Oreal, which have been just as amazing!  If you're on Influenster and you're not getting the "big" boxes, make sure you're on there writing reviews, filling out your snaps, and completing the tasks for your boxes.  If you want the products, you gotta put in the effort!  If you're not on INFLUENSTER, but you're interested in learning more and receiving free products for review, click THIS LINK to sign up!

Now, let me tell you about this amazing box that EVERYONE wanted!  Also, look for the bold and italicized text at the end of each review.  It has information about how you can get these products with discounts, rewards points, and even cash back!  I've linked every product and posted their retail cost.

sigma brush & blush

This is my first Sigma brush and I finally understand why everyone is obsessed.  Oh.  My.  God.  It is SO soft and it picked up this blush so perfectly.  I didn't have any dust falling around.  On the voxbox reveal video, one of the hostesses said that she contours with blush, so I tried it with this blush.  It gives me a defined, but summery and natural look.  I've been doing it for the past few days and then topping it off with a shimmery highlighter.  It's gorgeous for summer.  I'm not sure if I'll purchase the blush again because I only use a little bit of blush at a time, but I will absolutely be buying more of their brushes.

aquis hair towel

We all know that we aren't supposed to towel dry our hair.  We all know we aren't supposed to shake it out with said towel we weren't supposed to use.  Of course, I never listened and now my hair is pretty damaged.  When I got this hair towel, I was a little skeptical.  But I quickly became a believer.  After using this towel every day with my Ouidad products, my frizz has been significantly reduced!  I would say at least by half.  Between my dry, damaged hair and the humidity of North Carolina, it will be a while until I'm frizz-free.  But I'm working on it and this towel is an invaluable tool for my beauty regimen!  I'm considering asking my boyfriend for another one for my birthday because it's just that amazing.


I received 2.5 oz samples of both of these products for a combined value of $13.34.  I've used it three times and I definitely notice a difference!  It's meant to help define curls and reduce frizz.  Since I don't really have curly hair, it may seem weird, but I almost always buy curly hair products for frizz because it tends to be extra hydrating and smoothing.  Besides the fact that I struggle to get the conditioner out, I do like these products a lot.  I'm all about how my hair smells and I noticed that this smell actually lasted all day even after being outside on a dock and in a seafood restaurant.  Seriously.  I recommend buying the bigger bottles of this product if you decide to buy them because you'll get more bang for your buck and they'll be easier to use with a pump.  I've linked to Ulta so you can also receive REWARDS towards your next purchase!  If you aren't signed up for their rewards program, CLICK HERE to sign up for free and receive $10 off your next $30 purchase.


Okay, I'm just going to get this out of the way - I don't care for the pencil part of this product.  I thought it was difficult to use and it had poor pigmentation.  I could be using it wrong, I don't know.  I'm not at all a beauty expert.  The powder, though, was AMAZING.  I'm always so self-conscious when I do my eyebrows because I have naturally thin, dull brows and I'm afraid I'm going to look like a weirdo.  But this product filled in my brows in the most natural way possible.  They looked soft and full!


First of all, this is a very luxurious brand that is also cruelty-free and vegan!  It's pricy, but it's pretty amazing.  I added this to my usual eyecare routine and I immediately noticed a difference.  You'll actually notice a difference immediately after your first use.  Thanks to genetics and years of insomnia that have led to fine lines and dark circles, this product is helping me repair my eyes.  I like to apply this not just below my eyes, but also at the corners, on my eyelids, and between my eyebrows.  No point in treating your under-eyes if the rest of your eyes look tired because that'll just bring your overlook down.  This product is meant for use whenever you need it, so it's kind of like the beauty equivalent of your afternoon cup of Starbucks.  It's super slim and compact, so you can just throw it in your purse, even if it's just a small cross body bag.


I'm all about using oils instead of moisturizer right now, especially before I put on my makeup.  This oil smells so amazing and it goes on so smoothly.  I've noticed that my skin glows a little more when I put it on, but doesn't look too oily.  I usually use 3-4 drops even though it says 1-2 because it's a little thick and doesn't spread well enough to only use 1-2 drops.  I didn't have any problems with this product, such as drying or oiliness or even breakouts.  I have combination skin and I would say it's not sensitive to products.  But since this is a natural product, I think it would be a great addition to your beauty routine even if you have some skin concerns.  Just make sure you always check the ingredient list if you have any known allergies or irritants!

Overall, I got 8 amazing products worth about $211 for free!  All I had to do was test them out, leave honest reviews, and tell y'all about it through my blog and other social media.  If you're interested in becoming part of Influenster, CLICK THIS LINK to sign up and join!  Here's a HELPFUL ARTICLE FROM INFLUENSTER that will help you receive the best products.

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