New Year's Eve is cool and all, but that isn't really the first day of everyone's new year.  It's a way we can collectively celebrate another year around the Sun, but your new year starts on your birthday.  Today is my 24th birthday and the beginning of another new year for me!  Apparently, that means that I want to make a shit ton of lists?  And eat cake, of course.  Everything that I'm suggesting is stuff that can be done anytime, but having one day a year that you remember to do these things can help you actually do them.

what works and what doesn't

You have a lot of things that are worth celebrating, but there's also the possibility that not everything in your life is perfect.  If you aren't happy with your job, promise yourself that you're going to look for and find a new job during the next 365 days.  If you want to practice more yoga each week, look up a studio or find an app that will keep you motivated.  Don't forget to remind yourself what's working, too.  If you stopped eating meat and you found positive changes, keep meat out of your diet.  If you found the secret to hacking the Instagram algorithm, keep hacking it!  What is working is just as important as what isn't working.

celebrate yourself and your accomplishments

365 days is a long time.  Chances are that you haven't just been sitting on your ass watching Netflix for that entire time.  What have you accomplished?  What about you is worth celebrating?  Maybe you've made meditation a regular part of your day.  Maybe you finally stopped biting your nails.  Maybe you just fell in love with your own smile all over again.  Maybe you graduated from school.  Whatever it is, you are worth celebrating and you should celebrate yourself.  Your birthday is a great excuse to have others celebrate you, too.

set new goals and revisit old goals

Like I said, this is your new year so this is the time to set some resolutions.  I've always connected more with the typical academic calendar anyways, so this is a great time for me to get ready for the new year.  When you set goals on your birthday, make sure that they're specific and that they spread out across your timeline.  You don't want to have a bunch of 1-month goals and 5-year goals, but nothing to work on in between.  You also don't want goals that have no deadline because you'll never actually get them done if you can just do them tomorrow.

do what you love

This is your day.  If you want cake and champagne and girl's night, you better stock up on the bubbly and icing!  If you prefer to have a low-key day full of self-care and an intimate dinner, that's perfectly fine, too.  If you're only doing something because you think you're expected to do it, then don't freaking do it.  Only do what you love!  Even though that's a great philosophy for life, it especially works on your birthday.  Do what makes you feel happy and loved.

plus, a bonus for the woo woo people

Not everyone reads or believes in Tarot, but I do and I think your birthday is a great time to do a 13-card Zodiac spread.  While one card is in the center and represents the overall theme of your next year of life, the next 12 cards are placed in a circle around the center card and represent each of the houses of the zodiac.  It's my absolute favorite Tarot spread!  If you're interested in having your cards read, let me know and we can arrange something.

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