Today's Unsolicited Advice: How to Love Yourself - The Life You Love

Today's Unsolicited Advice: How to Love Yourself

This post is sponsored and inspired by Tobi. I received the dresses below in exchange for a feature on my blog and my honest opinion.

dress c/o Tobi | boots from Target (similar here)

"I don't remember the last time that I had a truly negative thought about myself."  When those words fell out of my mouth - words that I didn't expect - my entire body and soul smiled.  And it's true.  Sure, I make the occasional comment about my thighs or feeling dumb, but I don't mean it and I correct it almost immediately.  I've worked really f*cking hard to love myself and it's not always easy.  We live in a society that would prefer that you engage in self-deprecation and downplay your successes, skills, and positive emotions.

But you deserve to shout from the rooftops how much you love yourself and how f*cking amazing you truly are.

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dress c/o Tobi | boots from Target (similar here)

I'm guilty of this from time to time.  I look at myself in the mirror or in pictures and mind automatically finds one (or two or five) things that are wrong with my appearance.  I tell myself that my successes were by mistake or I don't have skills that are as good as other people's skills.  I would rather complain about problems in my life than risk seeming cocky by talking about the positive things that are happening in my life.  Well, it's bullshit and I'm over it.

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dress c/o Tobi | heels from Target (similar here, here, & here)

So how do we fight our negative thoughts and love ourselves as strongly as we deserve?  We challenge our thoughts.  Every time you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive one.  Of course, it needs to be something that you truly believe.  For example, if you find yourself thinking, "I'm not good anything," change that thought.  You know that you're good at something.  So what is it?  Don't just say, "I'm good at everything."  That's not very specific and you aren't going to believe yourself when you say that.  Instead, try saying, "I'm good at connecting with people."  Instead of saying, "My thighs look too big in this dress," like I wanted to do with this picture, I told myself that I had strong thighs that are helping me in my fitness journey.  Because it's true and because that's much more pleasant.

What negative things do you tell yourself?  How can you rephrase them to show that they aren't true and to show yourself how loved you truly are? If you want help, comment below or email me at

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We all engage in negative self-talk. We say things to ourselves that we wouldn't say to anyone else. But we don't have to. We can change our negative thoughts and turn them into the positive thoughts that you can use to show yourself the love that you deserve! Click the image to find out how.

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