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My Latest Obsessions: Everyday Magic and Bakara Wintner

This weekend, I finally made it to Everyday Magic in Durham, NC.  I actually used to live in Durham, but it was pre-woo.  Everyday Magic is an absolutely stunning, badass, creative, inviting metaphysical store that has everything a modern day witch or a part-time spiritualist could possibly need.  Healing crystals, yoni eggs, home decor, beauty care, books, tarot and oracle decks, candles, are spread across the perfectly curated open floor plan.

Y'all, I literally squealed when I walked into the store and I couldn't stop the word vomit.  I kept telling my friend, Rochelle (one of the badass witches of Everyday Magic), and Philip Young, PhD, how happy I was to be there and how in-my-element I truly felt.  I immediately strolled over to the tarot and oracle decks to grab The Lumina Tarot Deck and the Connected and Free Oracle Deck, both by Inner Hue.  I carried them around for about 10 minutes before I reluctantly put them on the counter to start a pile.  I got distracted by all of the shiny crystals and connected to a stunning labradorite palm stone before wandering around to look at the rest of the merchandise.  Of course, I also bought Bakara Wintner's book.

It took everything in me to not open up a new credit card and just buy one of everything.

Between touching every stone and falling in love with quartz singing bowls, I also had my cards read (for the first time!) by Philip Young, PhD, owner of Black Unykorn.  This reading was SO beyond spot-on and actually pretty emotional for me.  I was excited, scared, confused, and thankful.  Philip went above and beyond in my reading.  He even offered some helpful tips for my tarot journey and clarified some confusion I'd had with stalker cards!  I can't wait to share my reading with you.  I also can't thank him enough for such a fantastic reading.

I also wanted to give a huge huge huge shout-out to Rochelle for being so amazing!  Rochelle was at the front desk of the store and helped me locate some of the items I was looking for, like Bakara's book.  She laughed, talked, and shared stories with me while I wandered around the store.  She made me feel so welcomed and comfortable, even though I could not stop talking about how excited I was to be there. I was being such a fangirl and she could have easily ignored me or rolled her eyes.  Instead, she welcomed me into the store with such kindness and understanding.

The phrase that I kept using while walking around the store with my huge smile and glowing warmth was "in my element."  When you walk into Everyday Magic, you can absolutely feel the magic that Bakara Wintner put into this magical retail space.  The excitement that I felt at Everyday Magic was more than just geeking out: it was the feeling that you get when you come home after a long time.  It was an excitement and longing for something that I never knew I was missing.  I haven't read Bakara's book yet, but I have a feeling that WTF is Tarot is going to be just as brilliant.  While I was there, I heard that there may also be a deck in the works.  I just about died.

Basically, I had an absolutely wonderful time at Everyday Magic and I felt so welcomed by the wonderful people who were there.  I was absolutely in my element and I had one of those "I know what I want to be when I grow up" moments.  It was the kind of store that I could spend every afternoon in and never get tired of being there.  If you ever get the chance to visit Durham, go to Everyday Magic.  And then move there so you can go there all of the time.  That's what I plan to do (mostly jk).

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