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How Smiling Affects Your Mind, Body, and Spirit + A SmileBrilliant Review

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening At Home Review

I've partnered with SmileBrilliant to talk about my teeth whitening experience and to share a GIVEAWAY with you!  They sent me a free whitening kit in exchange for an honest review.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Enter this GIVEAWAY for the chance to win a $139 Smile Brilliant credit.  Just enter your first name and email address to enter the giveaway.  And you can follow them on Instagram and enter your Instagram account name to receive one additional entry!  Good luck!  Before I reviewed my experience with Smile Brilliant, I wanted to talk about the benefits that teeth whitening has on your mind, body, and spirit.  And remember, this is just the surface of all of the amazing benefits!


We actually talk about smiling and how it affects your wellness in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (read more about DBT).  The skill we use is called half-smile.  To practice half-smiling, relax your face from your forehead to eyebrows to mouth to jaw.  Then, turn the corners of your mouth up, just slightly and gently.  When I do this, I feel like I'm kind of smiling with my eyes and the corners of my mouth, but no one can really tell.  Why is this important?  This skill can actually help you deal with intense, negative emotions by signaling your brain to calm down.


Now, let's talk about that big beautiful smile you have and how it affects your brain!  And your appearance.  When you smile, your brain releases stress-fighting chemicals.  Not only does it make you feel better, but it can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure!  And when you smile, you also appear more attractive, genuine, and trustworthy to other people.  Why?  Because when people see a smile, the part of their brain that lights up when they receive a reward lights up, which makes them feel great! Learn more about the psychology of smiling HERE.


When we talk about spiritual health, we aren't just talking about our personal wellness.  We're also talking about connecting with others and the world around us.  I'm sure you've heard that smiling is contagious and it totally is!  Because of an unconscious response that happens in our brains, we automatically smile when we see other people smile.  That helps us feel more connected to the people around us.  Learn more about the psychology of smiling HERE.

I'm wearing my trays in this picture. You can't even tell!


Let's just start with the basics.  Smile Brilliant is a personalized at-home teeth whitening system.  There are several simple steps in the process.  First, you receive an impression kit to make molds of your teeth for your trays.  Be really careful and follow all the directions when you create your impressions!  Do NOT wiggle your trays out of your mouth.  I did that and it messed up my trays just a little bit.  Totally my fault.  Next, ship your impressions to the Smile Brilliant laboratory and a few days later, they send back your custom-fitted trays.  Finally, you're ready to whiten your teeth!  All of the instructions are included in your teeth whitening kit.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening At Home Review

At first, I was a little skeptical of whitening my teeth for 45 minutes to 3 hours at a time, but I realized that I can do pretty much anything #whileiwhiten.  Here are some of the things that I've done #whileiwhiten: yoga, chores, spa night, night time routine, preparing for the next day, homework, blogging, playing with my dog, and more.  I barely noticed my teeth trays because they fit so well.  I whitened my teeth for 45 minutes the first day, 1 hour the next day, 1 hour and 15 minutes the next day, and so on so my teeth can adjust.

I saw results after just 4 sessions!  My teeth looked brighter and my surface stains were removed.  I've really noticed a difference in the corners of my teeth and gums.  Here's my before (top) and after (bottom).  I didn't have a super dramatic transformation, but my teeth look much brighter and I plan on continuing to whiten!  If you want to see some even more amazing results, check out their INSTAGRAM!  Some of the transformations made my jaw drop.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening At Home Review

Here's a quick pros and cons list to let you know more about my personal experience.

Vegan and cruelty-free!   Some gum sensitivity, but that was my fault.
I can do basically anything #whileiwhiten.   The whitening sessions take quite a bit of time.
Affordable and professional quality.
Simple, clear instructions.
Custom trays.

The price of their WHITENING KITS ranges from $139 to $179 (versus $600 to $850 at the dentist), depending on how heavy your stains are and whether or not you get sensitivity gel.  Don't forget, this product has the same quality that you would receive at your dentist.  It was even created and approved by dentists!  The WHITENING KIT includes everything you need make your teeth trays and enough gel for between 9-27 whitening sessions, depending on which option you select.

Loving my bright smile, thanks to Smile Brilliant!

Now go enter the giveaway hosted by Smile Brilliant!  Just enter your name and your email address for the chance to win a $139 Smile Brilliant credit.  Don't forget to follow Smile Brilliant on Instagram for an extra entry!  The giveaway is open until November 13, 2017 and open to residents of the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.  Good luck!

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