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Year Ahead Tarot Spread: My 2018 Reading

It's almost 2018, which is f*cking unreal. I mean, who even has time for that?! Okay, but really, I actually love beginnings even if they overwhelm the shit out of me. I sat down and laid out my year ahead spread using the Inner Hue Lumina Tarot deck. It looks like it's going to be a pretty positive, pretty exciting, and even challenging year.


Like my cards have been telling me A LOT lately, my instincts and my intuition are going to be super important for me. They've always been important, but they're being brought to the forefront now. It's probably for the best. Trusting myself and listening to my inner voice is something that I've always valued and something that will help me connect with my divine feminine. I'm feeling it.


This card is actually a warning that expectations can actually restrict what I experience and how I connect with myself and others. I find it really interesting that this card is in the "January" spot. January is when people tend to make goals for the year and honestly, they usually go nowhere. But this year I'm trying to be more focused.


Ooooh, looks like February will be a month for connecting with the divine and my higher Self. I love that this card was pulled pretty early in the year because I think it will really help with a lot of the later cards that I drew. When working with this energy, I want to remind myself that I am a spiritual being who is divinely protected and supported by the Universe. I am codependent with the Universe and everything and everyone in it. How freaking cool is it to have a month that will have that kind of energy?!


After such a focus on connection and codependence, March will ask me to remember my strengths and my desires. I'll be asked to remember that I'm still in charge of my life and I still need to take action in order to manifest my desires. I think there will be more to uncover as the year and this month goes on.


Well, damn. The first third of the year is pretty heavy on connections. This card's description says it all: I have both a physical and a Universal family. To expand on that, I also have my Spiritual sisters (aka the spiritual boss bitches that I've connected with on my spiritual journey). I think this month will be an important one for listening to my guides and mentors on earth and in the Universe.


When you take responsibility for your life and your current situations, you are able to change them. This month will be all about taking responsibility for what's happening in my life and how I can use this responsibility to achieve what I want. Some part of this process will be painful and uncomfortable, but it'll be incredibly rewarding if I can stick to it.


One of the basic tenets of vibrations and frequencies is that your vibes must be high in order to attract your desires and wants. By living with high vibes each day, I'll attract even higher vibrations and even more positive events in my life. What a freaking awesome card with such high energy! Of course, this will be a challenge. Staying positive and high vibe is sometimes difficult, but it is so worth it.


I love the placement of this card. The middle-ish of the year is the perfect time to focus on Slowing Down and replenishing my energy. At this point, there will have been some very high energy and very exciting months that will leave me feeling drained if I don't take time to take care of myself. Of course, this is something I hope to do throughout the year, but I love that there is a month dedicated to this.


Why yes, I did get the Be You card as my theme for the month of my birth. Authenticity is one of the most important - and sometimes the most difficult - parts of life. By being the person who I truly am and feeling comfortable with it, I'll be able to thrive in my life. It's exhausting and unfulfilling to be anything but yourself, but sometimes we do lose sight of who we are. This is my time to realign with myself.


This is an exciting card! Is it suggesting that I will be a mentor or that I will seek mentoring? Honestly, I think both. This card has some strong connections to the first third of the year that asks me to connect with my Family, both physical and spiritual. It's a symbiotic relationship full of give and take.


Time to take a look at what I've been hiding or running from. Another potentially uncomfortable theme, kind of like May and Responsibility. October is a time for introspection and self-awareness of what has been holding me back or causing me pain. By first acknowledging what is going wrong, I can finally take steps towards what is right and what I want.


This is basically the moment I've been waiting for. This is when my hard work and my efforts will finally culminate in an opportunity that will align with my desires. Oh hell yes, this is card of manifestation thanks to action and effort. This is kind of like the roof of the house after I've been laying each brick with hard work and persistence.


I am the author of my story. That is such a powerful message of reflection and of responsibility. Of course, December is usually the time when we reflect on what's been going on and when we figure out what was or wasn't working. By reflecting on these important details, I'm able to write my next steps and rewrite what is no longer serving me.

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