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Woo Woo 101: Healing Crystals

Whether you call them stones or crystals or “my little babies,” healing crystals have been used for THOUSANDS of years and for good reason.  Before I even get into all that shit, let's talk about what healing crystals even are.  Typically, they’re semi-precious gemstones that are used for the protection and healing that they provide.  While each stone is generally known for a handful of characteristics, some of them also overlap.  For example, amethyst is known for aiding in dream recall and in sobriety.  Red Jasper can also be programmed for use in dream recall, while lepidolite is often used for breaking negative habits.  And that’s just a very small example.  Here are some of the questions that I normally receive when I talk about healing crystals, as well as what I tell people.

how do you choose which crystals to work with?

There’s no right or wrong way to select your crystals.  Here are two ways that I generally use.  One, I look up crystals that relate to certain needs or ailments.  If I’d like to ward off negative energy, for example, I might find that black crystals will be my best bet.  Two, I go to my local metaphysical shop and I choose a crystal that seems to be calling to me.  Then I go home and research more about the crystal’s benefits.  This gives the Universe a more active role in showing me what I should work on as opposed to me consciously choosing my focus.  When it comes to actually picking the exact specimen to come home with me, though, I generally see which crystal catches my eye and hold it to see how it makes me feel.  You’ll know if the crystal is meant to be yours or not by just holding it.  Trust me.

how does this work?

Here’s my honest to Universe answer: I don’t fucking know.  I just trust that it works because it does for me.  Science tells us that there’s nothing about crystal healing that is a fact.  What experience tells me, though, is that they have improved my life.  Whether it’s the energy I receive from being around my crystal babies or the meanings that I remember when I look at them, I have found that my rose quartz makes me a more loving person and I do feel that Citrine helps me feel happier.  The thing is, there’s a lot of shit in this world that doesn’t make sense according to facts and science.  That’s what spirituality and woo woo shit is for.

which crystals should I start with?

All of them.  Jk, but not really.  When first starting with crystals, I think it’s helpful to select crystals based on what you’re hoping to receive from them.  You could also peruse Etsy for kits.  They’ll probably still align with a specific intention or theme or they may align with the chakras.  Either way, it’s a good way to start your crystal fam.  I started with clear quartz, amethyst, howlite, dendritic agate, and black tourmaline because they had the kind of energy that I needed at the time.

how do you use healing crystals?

If you want a certain room to hold a particular energy, place crystals with those properties in that room.  In your bedroom, for example, put amethyst for sweet dreams and rose quartz for intimacy and love.  Put pyrite, which calls in abundance and wealth, in your office, next to a stone like fluorite that provides focus.  You can also buy healing crystal jewelry and wear it when you want to invoke certain energies.  And you can also carry your crystals with you.  Put them in your purse, your pocket, or your bra.  Been there, done that.  Whatever you do, you want the crystals near you so you can absorb their positive energies and they can protect you from negative energy.

how do you take care of them?

This is where you’ll want to do plenty of your own research.  There are several methods of energetically cleansing your crystals, such as sunlight, moonlight, salt, burying them, running water, and visualization.  There are also some crystals that are particularly sensitive to some methods of cleansing.  Celestite, for example, doesn’t do well in sunlight.  Its brilliant blue will fade.  Selenite can disintegrate when exposed to water.  And some crystals like lapis lazuli shouldn’t make contact with salt.  Make sure you research your crystals and their properties before you do anything with them.

And that's just a small intro to the wonderful world of healing crystals. If you have any questions, let me know! I could also recommend some books and websites, if you want to learn more.  Let me know if you use any healing crystals or if you're interested in them!

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