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El Paso Coffee Shops

After about a month in El Paso, I figured it’s about time I document some of my coffee shop visits. I’ve only been to a few so far, but they’ve all been great and make me feel excited to try more. Side note: I got a new coffee maker when I moved here and I love it! It’s a Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker and I’m able to make homemade lattes with ground coffee. It has several options for cup sizes and it also has a frother on the side.

Rally Point Coffee | A female and veteran owned coffee shop in the Northeast side of El Paso, the Rally Point was the first coffee shop I visited here and for that reason, it’ll always have a place in my heart. I’ve only been a couple times so far, but I know I’ll end up being a regular. The service is always so delightful and personable and my order, iced brown sugar latte with oat milk, is always well made. Perfect for grabbing a quick coffee while running errands.

Hillside Coffee & Donut Co. | Let me just say that I have to go back and try their donuts because I didn’t try one on my first visit, but they look decadent. I tried one of their signature iced lattes, the white chocolate hazelnut, with oat milk. It was super creamy and the latte itself felt as decadent as the donuts looked. The location itself is cute and has space to enjoy your order while you study, work, chat, or just relax.

Summer Moon Coffee | A Texas chain that has even made it’s way into states like Wisconsin, Summer Moon’s coffee is made unique by combining  oak-roasted coffee and moon milk, their own version of sweet cream. You can choose your level of sweetness based on what you order and I decided to try the Winter Moon latte to try the full sweetness. It was a little too sweet to really enjoy the flavor of the coffee, but it was the creamiest latte I’ve ever had. I also tried one of their Artisan Pop Tarts and it was delicious. A yummy flaky pastry with sweet icing, sprinkles, and apple filling. Plenty of space to enjoy your goodies!

Can’t wait to try even more coffee shops and share them with y’all! In the mean time, let me know your go to coffee order. Mine is an iced brown sugar latte with oat milk, of course.


  1. I want to try a fancy pop tart! I’m not a huge coffee person but when I do it’s usually something basic like a vanilla iced coffee with almond milk.

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